Desmond Tutu Was Right

In this short article just published in Open Democracy Chris Shannahan writes about the role that faith has played in the 2017 UK General Election campaign. He suggests that it is inevitable that politics and religion will continue to mix and argues that the important question to ask is ‘What kind of religion and what kind of politics?’ 

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What Have Zombies Got To Do With Multiculturalism?

Yes, that’s right, ‘What have zombies got to do with multiculturalism?’ Here Faith & Peaceful Relations Forum coordinator, Chris Shannahan writes about the zombie war that’s raging in our superdiverse world….’Academics and activists, preachers and politicians have got a lot to learn from movies like ‘Dawn of the Dead’. To find out more carry on reading

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President Trump and the Christian Right

Chris Shannahan is an urban theologian and a Research Fellow in the Faith and Peaceful Relations research group. In this piece for Open Democracy Chris asks if religion and politics mix or whether should faith be a purely private matter confined to home, church, synagogue or mosque. Arguments about this seemingly black-or-white question raged in Europe and North America for most of the twentieth century. Life, however, is seldom so clear-cut, as the fictional US President Josiah Bartlett noted in The West Wing….

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