On this page of the blog you will find a wide range of resources for you to explore and use including –

  • Links to networks, organisations and research centres
  • Podcasts of presentations that speakers have given at the Forum
  • Videos
  • Articles and Reports

Faith & Peaceful Relations Podcasts & Powerpoint Presentations

Recordings of the presentations at Forum meetings will be uploaded onto this page of the blog and can be downloaded to be used as a resource…

Forum Podcasts


Forum Powerpoint Presentations

Some Useful web sites and blogs….


The Faith & Peaceful Relations Facebook Page

Links to Books and Journal Articles

Reports and Short Articles



The work of CTPSR                                   The Archbishop of Canterbury                   Archbishop Desmond Tutu



Religion and Public Life              Aerosol Ali – Spirituality & Graffiti             Robert Beckford – Incarnation & Racism





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