We are surrounded by news 24/7 on cable TV, the internet and social media. Increasingly religion, people of faith and faith communities play a big role in many domestic and international news stories.  The stories highlighted below are just a small selection of media coverage. Some focus explicitly on the relationship between faith and conflict, others on inter-faith and cross-cultural relationships, others on the role that faith can play in fostering social inclusion. Click on the links the find out more. Please note that the links are to external web sites and the views and opinions expressed in the articles do not necessarily reflect the position of Coventry University.

December 2017

BBC to increase religious broadcasting to better represent all faiths (The Guardian)

Evangelical Christians Uncritical In Support of Donald Trump (The Guardian)

Christmas Violence Shakes Indian Christians (The Guardian)

First Female Bishop of London Appointed (BBC News)

Trump Plan to move Embassy to Jerusalem Angers Middle East Christians (Washington Post)

What are ‘British’ values and are Faith Schools undermining them? (The Guardian)

Grenfell Fire Ripped The Heart Out Of The Community (BBC News)

Egyptian Christians Reject Meeting with Pence in protest of Trump Jerusalem decision (Haaretz)

World Council of Churches condemns Trump naming of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (Oikoumene)

Pope prays with Rohingya Muslim refugees on Bangladesh trip (Huffington Post)

Is Donald Trump waging a religious war?  (Middle East Eye)

November 2017

Muslims or Mystics? Demystifying Sufism in the wake of Egypt’s deadly attack (The New Arab)

Over 300 Christian theologians challenge the corruption of US Christianity (Huffington Post)

Trump supporter: I’d believe President over Jesus (CNN)

Inspectors to question primary school girls who wear the hijab (The Guardian)

Muslim charity to collect 20,000 coats to give to the homeless this winter (The Independent)

Nobody was offended by Greggs casting a sausage roll as Jesus (i-News)

Muslims are neither good nor bad – We’re just human (The Guardian)

The first hijabi Barbie is here (The Guardian)

Threats to boycott Tesco after Muslim family appears in Christmas ad (The Guardian)

The death of Christianity in the United States (The Baptist Times)

Why Judeo-Christian values are a dog whistle myth peddled by the far right (The Conversation)

Here’s my Thought for the Day: Stop sneering and keep the faith (The Guardian)

October 2017

The Rise and Fall of ISIS: It’s dream of a caliphate is over, so what now? (The Observer)

Political Islam After The Arab Spring (Foreign Affairs)

The Human Cost of Brexit Uncertainty (The Church Times)

Quebec Passes Controversial Face Veil Ban (Al Jazeera)

The Religious Right Will Rise and Fall With Donald Trump (Sojourners Magazine)

Influential Sikh youth group associating with far-right EDL founder Tommy Robinson (The Independent)

If a Congregation Loses All its Assets I Thank God, says Pope (La Stampa)

Scottish Bishop Defends Same Sex Marriage – ‘love means love.’ (The Guardian)

Like The Prophets of Old Colin Kaepernick Use Prayer as Protest (The Guardian)

September 2017

‘My people will disappear.’ Rohingya call for Bradford to give sanctuary again (The Guardian)

The Problem with Liberal Christianity (Patheos)

Jacob Rees Mogg view of foodbanks is unchristian say charities (The Guardian)

Jesuit Priest stands up for Gay Catholics, then faces backlash (New York Times)

British society deserves an economy rooted in the common good, says Archbishop (Financial Times)

Pope Francis just stood up for the most oppressed people on earth (The Independent)

‘Trojan horse’ – The real story behind the fake Islamic plot to take-over Birmingham schools (The Guardian)

The Cheap ‘Prosperity Gospel’ of Trump and Osteen (New York Times)

The biggest church in Texas closed its doors during Harvey but mosques stay open (The Independent)

Does Western Islamophobia find its origins in Arthur Conan Doyle? (The New Statesman)

Under Trump Evangelicals show their true racist colours (LA Times)

August 2017

Minnesota Governor: Mosque blast was act of terror (CNN)

Malaysian government Minister calls for atheists to be -re-educated (The Independent)

World first as joint Catholic Jewish School opens to pupils (The Herald)

Meet the Christian Clergy who stared down White supremacists in Charlottesville (Think Progress)

Trump’s evangelical panel remains intact as others disband. Who are his religious cheerleaders? (The Guardian)

New national council to issue progressive rulings for Britain’s Muslims (The Guardian)

Why America’s Anti-Semites can hate Jews but still claim to admire Israel (The Guardian)

Anglican Bishop Launches Attack On Donald Trump And The Christian Right For Supporting Him (Christian Today)

The Trump Administration’s Alternative Christianity (The LA Times)

Is a Buddhist group changing China? (The New York Times)

‘God has given Trump the authority to ‘take out’ Kim Jong Un, evangelical adviser says (Washington Post)

First same-sex wedding deepens Anglican divide (The Guardian)

Bishop: ‘Church abandons the poor because clergy won’t leave middle class areas with trendy coffee shops (The Telegraph)

 July 2017

Fundamentalism, racism, fear and propaganda: An insider explains why rural, Christian white America will never change (Raw Story)

Atheists are less open-minded than religious people, study claims (The Independent)

Myanmar refuses visas to UN team investigating abuse of Rohingya Muslims (The Guardian)

Terror attacks receive five times more media coverage if perpetrator is Muslim, study finds (The Independent)

Men deny us equality, not the Qur’an: a female Islamic judge in India speaks out (The Guardian)

Synod members threaten to walk out if Scottish pro-gay marriage bishop present at York meeting (Church Times)

Church of England’s General Synod condemns gay ‘conversion therapy’ (Christian Today)

Pope Francis allies accuse Trump White House of ‘apocalyptic geopolitics’ (The Guardian)

Grenfell: faith groups step in to mediate between officials and community (The Guardian)

Trump threatens to change the course of American Christianity (Washington Post)

June 2017

Donald Trump Just Ended the Tradition of Hosting Muslim Iftar Dinner at the White House (The Independent)

EDL Founder Tommy Robinson’s Appearance on Good Morning Britain Sparks Outrage (The Independent)

After the Grenfell Fire The Church Got it Right Where the Council Failed (The Guardian)

Has Evangelical Christianity Become Sociopathic? (Huffington Post)

Hero Imam That Saved Finsbury Park Suspect (The Guardian)

Resolution Condemning White Supremacy Causes Chaos At Southern Baptist Convention (The Atlantic)

Britain Needs To Re-set It’s Relations With its Muslims, say Warsi (The Guardian)

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Increase Fivefold Since London Bridge Attack (The Guardian)

Scottish Episcopal Church Approves Gay Marriage (BBC News)

May 2017

Christian Church Destroyed By ISIS Rebuilt By Muslim Residents (The Metro)

Why Do Coptic Churches Keep Getting Attacked? (The Atlantic)

What Kind of a Christian is Theresa May? (The New Statesman)

Muslim Leaders in Manchester Report Rise in Islamophobic Attacks (The Guardian)

Rowan Williams: Britons Are Peering Into The Abyss After Brexit Vote (The Guardian)

If You Want To Know About Muslim Women’s Rights Ask Muslim Women (The Guardian)

Trump Is Evangelicals ‘Dream’ President – Here’s Why (The Washington Post)

Nearly 50% Are ‘No Religion’ But Has Britain Hit ‘Peak Secular’? (The Guardian)

Church of Scotland in Step Towards Conducting Same-Sex Marriages (The Guardian)

Women Bishops Speak Out On Gender Justice (Anglican Communion News)

April 2017

Spain’s Moriscos: A 400 Year Old Muslim Tragedy is a Story for Today (The Guardian)

Muslim Women Are Opening A New Inclusive Mosque in California (Huffington Post)

Jesus was on the side of the poor – Christian politicians should remember that (The Guardian)

Tributes Pour In For Hijabi Police Officer Who Died Protecting Christians (The Independent)

Coptic Churches Targeted In Palm Sunday Blasts (BBC News)

Birmingham Mosque Counters EDL With A Very British Tea Party (Huffington Post)

Aung San Suu Kyi: No ethnic cleansing of Myanmar Muslim minority (BBC News)

Churches and Charities fill vacuum left by ‘lukewarm state’ (The Guardian)

March 2017

The hijab ruling is a ban on Muslim women (The Guardian, Comment)

Europe has started to enshrine Islamophobia into law (The Independent)

America’s Empty Church Problem (The Atlantic)

Intolerance Rising (Huffington Post)

Muslims are united by Trump but divided by ‘race’ (The Atlantic)

The Catholic Church is shocked at hundred of children buried at Tuam – Really? (The Guardian)

Tariq Ramadan – ‘Muslims need to reform their minds’ (The Guardian)

February 2017

Underground network readies faith buildings and homes to shelter undocumented migrants (CNN)

Far-right Polish Priest detained at Stansted airport (The Guardian)

More than 1,000 Rohingya feared killed in Myanmar crackdown say UN officials (The Guardian)

Pope Francis defends rights of Burma’s Rohingya Muslims to ;live their faith’ (The Independent)

100 Evangelicals buy ad denouncing Donald Trump’s refugee ban (CNN)

Donald Trump on Religious Nationalism (The Atlantic)

January 2017

Jews Across America Are Rising Up Against Trump’s Refugee Ban (Haaretz News)

A Bible remix to stir the soul of Gospel lovers (The Voice)

The Jewish synagogue seeking to house Muslim refugees on its premises (The Independent)

Pope Francis warns against populism (Al-Jazeera)

Imam delivers message to Trump at Inauugral service (CNN)

Evangelicals should be troubled by Donald Trump’s attempts to mainstream the prosperity gospel (Washington Post)

450 Churches prepare to act as Trump era ‘underground railroad’ for undocumented migrants (Raw Story)

December 2016

Religious affiliation is down but Christianity’s role in society is booming (i)

Jews lead march for solidarity with Muslims (Boston Globe)

Jesus Christ – Jewish radical or bathrobe Republican? (Salon)

How to defeat terrorists? True Extremism (The Guardian)

US Seminaries start Black Lives Matter Courses (Religion News Service)

25 worshippers killed on bombing of Coptic church in Cairo (Al Jazeera)

Home Office turns down visas from Syrian Bishops (Church Times)

The Casey Review is an ill-conceived intervention (Prospect)

Angela Merkel calls for a burkha ban  (The Independent)

21,000 Muslims flee from Burma amid ‘attempted genocide’ (The Independent)

November 2016

Wing and a Prayer – How Mistrust of Faith-based Charities Sells Society Short (The Guardian)

The Evangelicalism of Old White Men is Dead (New York Times)

US Students protect praying Muslim class-mates from Islamophobic abuse in Michigan (The Independent)

Is Nobel Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi failing to stop violence against Rohingya Muslims? (The Independent)

Pope Francis warns against walls ahead of US Election (CNN)

Jewish Holocaust scholars call on Americans to mobilise in solidarity against Trump (The Independent)

Pope Francis gives homeless a VIP seat at St Peter’s Mass (The Guardian)

Doing liberation theology in a reactionary time (Huffington Post)

White evangelicals voted in overwhelming numbers for Trump (Washington Post)




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