Student Workshops

The Faith and Peaceful Relations Forum is a learning community of faith and community groups and academics researching the relationship between religion, peace, conflict and social justice. The Faith and Peaceful Relations Student Workshops are a Forum initiative that seeks to broaden the base of people engaged in our developing dialogue about faith and peaceful relations by reaching out to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Coventry University.

The workshops, which will be held alongside regular Forum meetings will –

  1. Provide students with opportunities to critically reflect on their own experience and their understanding of the role that faith can play in building peaceful, inclusive and just societies.
  2. Enable students to learn more about the broad-based action research into faith and peaceful relations at CTPSR
  3. Enable students to become part of the FPR Forum, adding a new voice to its conversations.

The FPR Student Workshops initiative is led by Neslihan Ozfaris and Chris Shannahan.

Workshop 1 – March 2017: ‘Build Peace’, led by CTPSR researcher Michaelina Jakala


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