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The Faith & Peaceful Relations Forum is an initiative that arises from Chris Shannahan’s work in the ‘Faith & Peaceful Relations’ research group at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations. This research group spans a range of themes and academic disciplines from urban and political theology and the sociology of religion to gender studies, Islam and Modernity and Peace Studies. Our research, publications, teaching and public engagement explore the role that faith can play in forging social inclusion and peaceful social relations – theology and the social sciences partnering for social justice and cutting edge academic research that has a progressive impact at grassroots level.


The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR) at Coventry University undertakes innovative research that enables dialogue and builds trust in order to foster peaceful relations and strengthen human security. CTPSR is committed to valuing diversity, collaboration, constructive dialogue and support between its members and partners.  CTPSR strives to respond to the complex challenges facing contemporary societies, with research underpinned by integrity, courage and excellence.  Our expert team of researchers create partnerships and opportunities for research that have positive impacts on the groups, communities and institutions they engage with.

We work with individuals, communities, civil society organisations and local and national governments that are anticipating, experiencing or reacting to societal conflict and change.  Our focus is on producing research that brings people together and provides new evidence, ideas and ways of thinking to better respond to contemporary challenges. Our research crosses disciplinary boundaries in order to better understand issues and contexts. We work across geographies and sectors developing integrated approaches and practical, effective and sustainable solutions at the local and global levels.

Our research funding comes from a wide range of sources, including UK research councils, the European Commission, NATO, the United Nations, national governments, the British Council, and a host of community and special interest organisations and charities based around the world.


Faith and Peaceful Relations at CTPSR

The Faith and Peaceful Relations Group explores the role religion can play in achieving more peaceful and just societies. Faith can be a driver of peace, reconciliation and social justice, yet it can also be a source of violence, exclusion and misunderstanding. Our research explores the positive difference faith and belief can make in today’s world and how conflicts relating to religion can be overcome.

We promote religious literacy in the academic fields our work draws from, especially politics, international relations, sociology and theology. We consider religion deserves more academic attention. Our work includes large-scale international research, community-based research projects, tailored evaluations of local organisations, consultancy and delivery of training. We emphasise collaborative and participatory approaches.

We have delivered projects with and for the Anglican Communion, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the British Council, Department for International Development, the Economic and Social Research Council, the International Society for the Sociology of Religion, Norwegian People’s Aid, the Church Urban Fund and a range of international universities. We have particular expertise in faith-based conflict resolution, inter-faith dialogue, urban theology, religion in conflict, the sociology of religion, contextual theology, gender and religious leadership.



The link takes you to a leaflet introducing Faith & Peaceful Relations at CTPSR – Have a read to find out more.

If you’d like to study with us have a look at the MA in Peace and Conflict Studies or the MPA in Global Diversity.

If you’ve got a really great idea relating to faith and peaceful social relations why not get in touch to talk about the possibility of doing a PhD with us at CTPSR – Click on the link to find out more.






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