Women’s March, Women’s Rights? Religious women, reproductive rights and feminist ideals

Alison Halford is a PhD student within the Faith and Peaceful Relations group at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations. Here Alison offers some critical reflections on the recent Women’s March, feminism and attitudes towards birth control….

On Sunday, January 21st as women walked to raise consciousness about gender inequality that limits women’s abilities, ambitions and actions, the daytime TV presenter Piers Morgan, claimed to be ‘planning a male protest ‘the creeping global emasculation of my gender emasculation by rabid feminists’. In framing it as an attempt by ‘Feminazis’ to dominate and demean men, Morgan imposed a distorted narrative upon the march, failing to understand the complexity of women’s motivations to march.

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Why feminists need to learn about religion

Kristin Aune is the leader of the Faith and Peaceful Relations research group and a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Relations. In a recent article for ‘The Conversation’ Kristin argued that feminists need to learn more about religion. Kristin writes….

‘Faced with religion, what’s a good feminist to do? Some strongly reject religion of all kinds as oppressive to women, while others celebrate faith as part of human diversity. Others try to forge a middle ground…..

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